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Oncology Issues magazine redesign

  1. Discussed objectives of redesign, key players involved in management and review, timeline, and audience. Spoke with past designer on processes.
  2. Researched subject matter (Oncology, hospitals, magazines) and reviewed client's previous publications and competing publications in same industry. Provided design audit to past issues, pointing out strengths and areas to be improved upon and updated with more modern, clean look.
  3. Multiple cover nameplates and interior concepts presented to client (final selected cover shown top left).
  4. Refinements made to cover and interior, making sure that the interior complemented the cover and that the same typography and clean look and respectable tone repeated throughout the magazine.
  5. Careful selection and cropping of photos and illustrations, taking care to add images and graphics to engage the reader while balancing the white space to avoid clutter.
  6. Designed full layout and template following the style of the initial selected comp.
  7. Presented full layout to client.
  8. Refinements and edits from multiple reviewers were incorporated into final layout.
  9. Final clean files sent to printer for print and web based publication.
  10. Satisfied client met the needs of its board and membership based readers.